Front of Comfort Lodge in 1930s.

Comfort Lodge on Brickell Avenue

Through the looking glass of Miami’s Millionaire Row stood an array of mansions occupied by the wealthy families that once called Brickell Avenue home. Some of them created their wealth in the growing City of Miami after incorporation, and others…



Southern Atlantic Telephone employees on September 8, 1925.

Miami Telephone Service in 1899

The City of Miami was granted telephone service in December of 1898. The Miami Telephone Company was incorporated in 1899 and began offering telephone service on February 24, 1899. The first switchboard operated out of the Red Cross Drugstore which…


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Downtown Miami Tour in 1988

Paul George Tours for 30 Years

Paul George and HistoryMiami have been partnered for the past thirty years to provide tours of historic places around South Florida. The very first tour provided by Paul, while partnered with HistoryMiami, was a downtown Miami walking tour conducted on…