WTVJ Cameraman in 1949

WTVJ Eventful First Year in 1949

When there was a contraption added to the top of the Everglades Hotel in December of 1948, observant Miami residents were left wondering what it represented. The most common speculation was that the mooring for the Goodyear blimp was going…



Miami Evening Record transport in 1903

Miami Evening Record Formed in 1903

On September 15, 1903, Frank B Stoneman reorganized and moved the Orlando Record to Miami and renamed it the Miami Evening Record. Stoneman was the editor of the Orlando Record at the time of the change. He was partnered with…


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NE First Street & NE Third Avenue in 1924 looking southwest.

Northeast First Street in 1924

The photograph of Northeast First Street in 1924 provides a glimpse of Miami during the building boom of the 1920s. The picture was taken from the top floor of the Leamington Hotel, which still stands on the corner of NE…