La Casa Reposada in 1955.

La Casa Reposada

On the west side of historic South Miami Avenue was a large vacant lot that many locals found very intriguing. The property was part of the Holleman Park subdivision of the Brickell neighborhood. The address was 2100 South Miami Avenue…



Collins Bridge in 1912

Work Began on Collins Bridge in 1912

On July 22, 1912, work began on the Collins bridge to connect Miami to the future Miami Beach. John Collins used material extracted while digging the Collins Canal as fill for the roadbed. However, several obstacles slowed the project to…


Photos & Videos

Ali in backyard of Homewood.

Brickell’s Homewood in Ali Movie in 1977

Dr. James Jackson’s Brickell home was featured in a movie entitled “The Greatest”. The movie was about Muhammad Ali’s life and starred the boxer as himself. Ernest Borgnine starred as Angelo Dundee and James Earl Jones starred as Malcolm X….