Al Capone in Miami – Part 2 of 4

Al Capone & Men at Palm Island Home in 1929

The first full year in South Florida was both hectic and rewarding for Al Capone. While he continued to conduct business in Chicago, Capone was beginning to set roots in Miami. This idea made many of the prominent South Floridians very uncomfortable. The same leaders that were involved in legitimate business, were also very involved […]

Al Capone in Miami – Part 1 of 4

Miami News Headline featuring Al Capone

The legacy of Al Capone holds many labels including: bootlegger, gambler, mob boss and murderer. His legacy also includes a fascinating and turbulent time in South Florida. There are many stories and urban legends that have had Capone everywhere during his time in Miami and Miami Beach. These stories have become more grandiose with time. This […]

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