Dr. King at SCL Conference in Four Ambassadors in 1968.

MLK Leads Conference in Brickell in 1968

Martin Luther King Jr. opened a series of meetings at the Sheraton Four Ambassadors for the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC), on Monday, February 19, 1968. The conference lasted five days and featured lunch meetings, seminars, workshops and a series…



Hotel Scarface in Daily Mail

Below are the first three paragraphs of an in-depth review of the book “Hotel Scarface” by Roben Farzad: So much hot money was sloshing around Miami that the Mutiny, the favourite waterfront haunt of gangsters, celebrities and politicians, was selling…


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Future location of Olympia Theater in 1904.

Olympia Theater Property in 1904

The center of the photograph features the intersection of SE Second Avenue and Flagler Street in 1904. At the time the picture was taken, the corner was referred to as Avenue B and Twelfth Street. The name of the street…