Coconut Grove Residents in 1887

Early Stirrings in Coconut Grove

We’ve noted in the previous blog that a vast wilderness with small clusters of hardy settlers living along Biscayne Bay was the greater Miami of just 125 years ago. Further, we observed that Coconut Grove, one of those communities, was…



Aerial from McAllister Hotel in 1917.

Downtown YMCA Opens in 1918

On June 19, 1918, the front page of the Miami Metropolis featured a story on the growth of membership to the recently opened YMCA in downtown Miami. The recreational center was located at the southwest corner of Avenue A and…


Photos & Videos

NE First Street looking East in 1920

NE First Street Looking in East in 1920

The featured photo was taken in 1920 from the perspective of North Miami Avenue, looking east on NE First Street, toward Biscayne Bay. The Chaille Plan, which changed the street names to a grid system with a starting point at…