Senator Hotel in 1940s

Senator Hotel on Miami Beach

Lawrence Murray Dixon was one of the most prolific architects during the Art Deco period on Miami Beach in the 1930s. He and Henry Hohauser were considered the principal architects for the Deco style during this era. Some of the…



Dirty Dozen in 1900

Miami Pioneer Freeman Burdine

When William and Mary Burdine moved their three boys and one daughter to Miami in 1898, they were on the verge of building the city’s most recognizable retail institution. While their two youngest sons decided to join the family business,…


Photos & Videos

Oxford Hotel in Ullendorff Building on February 24, 1946

Oxford Hotel on North Miami Avenue

The featured photo is of the Oxford Hotel in the Ullendorff Building on February 24, 1946. The hotel was located on second floor and began operating in the fall of 1917. The first level of the two-story building was leased…