Prins Valdemar Aquarium in 1940

Prins Valdemar – A Miami Landmark

The Prins Valdemar was a four-masted Danish barkentine sailing ship that had an interesting journey. Built in 1892, the vessel had served many roles throughout its lifetime: a training ship for naval cadets, blockade runner, gun smuggler, cargo transporter, hotel,…



Portrait of Mary Brickell

Mary Brickell Passes Away in 1922

On January 13, 1922, Mary Brickell passed away. As the matriarch of the Brickell family, Mary led a great life and left an even greater legacy. Mary’s vision of a fine residential neighborhood has given way to high rises and…


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SE First Street in 1925

Extension of SE First Street in 1925

In preparation for the opening of the newly created Bayfront Park in 1925, the City of Miami extended SE First Street from SE Second Avenue to South Bayshore Boulevard. The boulevard was later renamed to Biscayne Boulevard. Prior to the…