McGraw and Logan Mansions in Point View in 1920

McGraw Mansion in Point View

The home located to the south of the Fay Mansion was built by Edwin C. McGraw in 1916. His story was like so many of the winter visitors to Miami in the early twentieth century. McGraw built his fortune in…



Artist rendition of first train that arrived in Miami on April 13th, 1896.

First Train Arrives in Miami in 1896

On April 13, 1896, the first FEC locomotive arrived in the yet to be incorporated City of Miami. The arrival of this train represented the completion of the FEC extension to Miami. The train carried supplies and dignitaries. The first…


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SW Second Ave Bridge looking south in 2000.

SW Second Ave Bridge in 2000

The cover photo is a picture of the second SW Second Avenue Bridge in September of 2000. At the time of the photo, the bridge was already scheduled for replacement. The predecessor to the bridge in the picture was built…