Articles by Casey Piket

Roseqnuist Bakery in Miami Florida

Early 1920s Photo of Tobacco Road Miami

Before Tobacco Road was a Miami watering hole, it was a bakery. Not just any bakery, but a bakery that was a front for a speakeasy and gambling den. From the time that the first building and business appeared at…

Wynwood Walls

History of Wynwood Miami

The Wynwood is a neighborhood in Miami Florida that has been getting a lot of attention recently for its development into a center for art and interesting restaurants, bars and breweries. However, very few people know the full history of…

The Lobby Pool Hall

Birth of The Magic City – Miami

By the spring of 1896, there was a tremendous amount of activity preparing a small outpost to become what Julia Tuttle hoped to be “one of the largest, if not the largest, cities in all the southland”. Julia Tuttle had…