Articles by Casey Piket

The Lobby Pool Hall

Birth of The Magic City – Miami

By the spring of 1896, there was a tremendous amount of activity preparing a small outpost to become what Julia Tuttle hoped to be “one of the largest, if not the largest, cities in all the southland”. Julia Tuttle had…

Brickell Key on Claughton Island

Brickell Key on Claughton Island

As of the 2010 Census, Brickell Key consists of over 2800 residents. It is home to a five star hotel, office and retail, as well as, a public park. Brickell Key is largely regarded as paradise in the heart of…

FDR speaking in Bayfront Park in 1933

Attempted Assassination of FDR in Bayfront Park in 1933

It was February 15th, 1933 and there was great anticipation in Miami for the scheduled visit of the president-elect to the Magic City. After the 1932 election and prior to his March 4th, 1933 inauguration, Franklin Delano Roosevelt chose Florida…