John Collins Passes Away in 1928

Collins and Pancoast Family in 1921

Collins and Pancoast Family in 1921

John Collins passed away on February 11th in 1928. Along with Carl Fisher and the Lummus Brothers, Collins was a pioneer in the founding and development of Miami Beach. He was a farmer, horticulturalist and innovator. While many people saw a desolate peninsula, Collins saw opportunity for farming and later would be convinced of the opportunity to develop the land.

His partnership with Fisher helped Collins complete the Collins Bridge and later help develop the land to the area that was dubbed “America’s Playground” in the mid nineteen teens and early 1920s. John Collins accomplished a lot for a man who began his Miami Beach endeavors after the age of 70.

Collins Avenue and Collins Canal are named for him. He was 90 years of age when he passed away.

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