Miami City Commission in 1921. Ed Romfh in the middle.

Remembering Miami Pioneer Ed Romfh

Those who took a chance on the fledgling city of Miami in the late 1890s understood that the municipality offered boundless opportunity but required versatility. From prior to incorporation until the start of the Twentieth Century, pioneers came to Miami…



Dirty Dozen in 1900

Miami Pioneer Freeman Burdine

When William and Mary Burdine moved their three boys and one daughter to Miami in 1898, they were on the verge of building the city’s most recognizable retail institution. While their two youngest sons, Roddy and Freeman, decided to join…


Photos & Videos

Nolan Brown Cadillac in 1949

Norman Brown Cadillac in 1949

This is a photograph of the expanded Nolan Brown Cadillac building at 2044 Biscayne Boulevard on November 11, 1949. The dealership began work on their addition in February of 1949 when they hired the M.R. Harrison Construction corporation to implement…