South Winds Motor Hotel on March 29, 1951

South Winds Hotel on Brickell

The years following the end of World War II brought a lot of change to the Brickell neighborhood. One of the trends that began in the mid-1940s, and continued into the 1950s, was the construction of motor lodge style hotels…



Intersection of Miami Avenue & Flagler Street in 1920s

Chaille Street Naming Plan in 1920

Prior to the plan submitted by Miami City Councilman Josiah Chaille, the city’s street names followed a pattern of letters for avenues and numbers for streets. The letters followed Biscayne Bay westward, beginning with the letter A, and incremented to…


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South Bayshore Drive looking south in 1925

South Bayshore Drive in 1925

The featured photograph provides a glimpse of the beauty of South Bayshore Drive in the Point View subdivision of the Brickell neighborhood in 1925. This subdivision was the platted and developed by Locke T. Highleyman beginning in 1912. It began…