Watson Building in 2016.

Watson Building in Downtown Miami

John W. Watson was a business and political pioneer to Miami. Watson’s thirst for knowledge and exploration led him to Florida. That same adventurous spirit ultimately led him to Miami. He was an early merchant and a reliable public servant….

Bulmer Apartments

The Bulmer Apartments

Although they grew up under the same roof and shared the same last name, William III and Charles Brickell were very different people. Charles was considered a well-dressed gentleman and liked to socialize with Miami’s upper class. On the other…

Brickell Apartments in 1956

The Brickell Apartments

In January of 1871, William Brickell set off from New York with Ephraim Sturtevant and two hired carpenters to the banks of the Miami River. He traveled with enough timber and building materials to construct two homes. Due to a…

Inside of Ye Wee Tappie Tavern in 1913

Ye Wee Tappie Tavern & William Ogden

Sometimes a good idea comes at a bad time. William Ogden felt he had the right idea in the right place. However, timing was not on his side. Ogden was a man who enjoyed life and generally did so with a…

Perricones Entrance

Gut Feeling Leads Perricone to Brickell

Some of the best decisions in life are made with a gut feeling. There are those who are lucky enough to trust their gut for a lifetime of good decisions. Steve Perricone is one of those people. From the time…