Al Capone Dies at Palm Island Home in Miami Beach

Miami News Headline on January 22nd, 1947

Miami News Headline on January 22nd, 1947

On January 25th, 1947, Chicago gangster Al Capone died in his Villa on Palm Island in Miami Beach, Florida. Capone had suffered a stroke caused by syphilis and was incapacitated until his death. The official cause of death was pneumonia, but his health problems were a culmination of complications from a long term illness caused by syphilis.

Following his release from jail in 1939 on a tax evasion conviction, Capone spent his last years primarily at his Palm Island home. It was said that Capone had the mental capacity of a twelve year old as his disease progressed. Capone would suffer a heart attack on Saturday evening, January 25th, 1947. His official time of death was 7:25pm Eastern Standard Time.

To the left is a Miami News Article reporting on Al Capone’s condition following his stroke on January 22nd, 1947. As he seemed to be on the road to recovery, he die a few short days later.

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