Gesu Catholic School in Downtown Miami

Gesu Catholic School

Gesu Catholic School

This month’s Picture Story in the Biscayne Times features Gesu Catholic Church. Historian Paul George has researched and written extensively on the church. George’s article provides a brief look at Gesu’s storied history.

While Gesu Church and the Rectory were built in 1922, Gesu Catholic School was built in 1926. Despite being part of an historic designation application submitted in 1982, the school was demolished in the mid-1980s. A postcard of the school is the featured photograph in this article.

In reviewing the designation application, it appears that the school was part of the designation ordinance, however, the Archdiocese of Miami was able to obtain a demolition permit in July of 1984. Although the school was in a state of disrepair, it did possess interesting architectural features as described in the preservation application:

Gesu School is located east of the rectory. The building is a five story rectangular structure of reinforced concrete construction covered with stucco. A flat roof with parapet tops the building and features a pediment above the main entrance.

The focal point of the building is a grand, three story portico on the north façade. Ionic columns support the portico and are repeated in pilasters separating each bay. The main entrance features a colossal semi-circular arch with double doors.

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