Annexation of 1925

The annexation of towns and unincorporated areas of Dade County was a growth strategy for the City of Miami in both 1913 and 1925. The city took advantage of a Florida law in 1905 that changed how annexations would proceed in the state. The 1913 annexation extended the northern and western borders without much incidence.

However, the annexation in 1925, which included the municipalities of Coconut Grove, Silver Bluff, Allapattah, Little River, Buena Vista and Lemon City, was met with reluctance from two of the listed towns. A slight majority of Silver Bluff residents voted for the annexation while most Coconut Grove citizens were strongly opposed. To this day, a lot of the long-time Grovites still feel that they were annexed against their will.

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  • Cover: Aerial view of Dinner Key in 1925. Courtesy of Florida Memory.
  • Podcast Image: Coconut Palms on James Curtiss estate in Coconut Grove in 1925. Courtesy of Florida Memory.