History of Miami News Freedom Tower

The latest episode of the Miami History Podcast will tell the story of the Miami Daily News and the building that it occupied from 1925 until 1957, when the newspaper relocated to a new building near the Miami River. The tower was vacant for nearly five years when it was given a second life. From 1962 until 1974 it became the Ellis Island for newly arriving Cuban refugees.

During its time as the processing and welcome center for Cubans, it was renamed Freedom Tower. The building provided healthcare services and food for the immigrants that were arriving with not much more than the clothing on their backs. Many arriving Cubans fondly remember the reception and services they received at the Freedom Tower.

After several changes in ownership and a couple of restoration projects, the tower became part of Miami-Dade College and is primarily used as an event space and museum. It is open to the public, five days per week, to share its fascinating history for tourists and locals alike.

Tune into this week’s podcast episode to hear more about the history of the Miami News Freedom Tower in downtown Miami. Below are additional resources and articles that tell the story of this once highly regarded area in Miami.

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  • Cover: Inside Miami Daily News Tower in 1925. Courtesy of Florida Memory.