History of Village of Miami Shores

Aerial of Miami Shores in 1925

Aerial of Miami Shores in 1925

This podcast episode features the story of one of South Florida’s prominent municipalities on the northeastern section of Dade County. What was once part of an area referred to generically as ‘Biscayne Country’, it became America’s Mediterranean when the Shoreland Company purchased and platted the future Village of Miami Shores.

The development of Miami Shores began to market property during the peak of the 1920s building boom and set records for lot sales in a single day. However, the Shoreland company took on too much debt and had to file for bankruptcy after the boom abruptly ended in 1926. Miami Shores was completed after new investors took over the project, and the area incorporated as the Village of Miami Shores on January 2, 1932.

Tune into this week’s podcast episode to hear more about the Village of Miami Shores. Below are additional resources and articles that provide additional insight into the early history of the village.

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Further Reading:

  • Book: “Biscayne Country” by Thelma Peters
  • Miami Herald: “1925: Mangroves and America’s Mediterranean”, May 26, 1983
  • Miami News: “North Miami Born as Miami Shores”, by Howard Kleinberg on October 20, 1984


  • Cover: Aerial of Miami Shores Subdivision in 1925. Courtesy of Miami-Dade Public Library.
  • Figure 1: Intersection of NE Third Avenue & NE 96th Street in Miami Shores in 1925. Courtesy of Florida State Archives.