Miami History Podcast: Dr. James Jackson & DHT

This podcast episode focuses on Miami’s pioneer physician. Dr. James Jackson was the son of a doctor who grew up in Bronson, Florida. Although his father wanted him to manage the family orange grove business, James wanted to follow in his father’s footsteps as a doctor.

He got his medical degree from Bellevue Hospital in New York City and joined his father to practice medicine back in Bronson. However, the freezes of 1894 completely changed his fate when he had to leave Bronson to continue practicing medicine. A chance meeting with an FEC executive led to a job offer in what would become Miami.

After visiting outpost that would develop into Miami, Dr. Jackson was not impressed. However, after spending time with those who were building the new city, he caught the “pioneer spirit” and decided to accept the job as the official FEC physician for Miami. As they say, the rest is history.

Tune into this podcast to learn more about Miami’s pioneer physician. The Jackson Medical Complex is named for him and he is one of Miami’s most endearing pioneers. His surgical center / office still stands today and is used as the headquarters for Dade Heritage Trust.

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  • Dr. James Jackson in 1885. Courtesy of Florida Memory.
  • Jackson Home on Barge in 1916. Courtesy of HistoryMiami.
  • Jackson Office being moved in 1916. Courtesy of Dade Heritage Trust.
  • Dade Heritage Trust building in 2018. Courtesy of Dade Heritage Trust.