Miami History Podcast – Henry Flagler Part 1 of 2

Welcome to the very first episode of the Miami History Podcast. It is a collaboration between Historian Dr. Paul S. George and History Blogger Casey Piket. The podcast will begin with the stories of several of Miami’s most prominent founders. While there were many pioneers that shaped the first couple of decades following incorporation; Henry Flagler, Julia Tuttle and the Brickell family are considered the principal founders of the City of Miami.

Henry Flagler was an entrepreneur, oil baron and financier of the development of the east coast of Florida. The first episode of the Miami History Podcast will describe the man and what brought him to Florida. It will outline his journey of extending the FEC railway from north to south along the east coast of Florida. It will also touch on his relationship with Henry Plant, the man who helped develop the west coast of Florida.

Click play on the embedded video to hear the first podcast. The video will also be available on You Tube. We are in the process of getting setup on iTunes, Stitcher and Sound Cloud to provide the podcast on multiple channels.

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Cover: Henry Flagler and his wife Mary. Courtesy of the Keys History web site.