Miami History Podcast – Henry Flagler Part 2 of 2

Thank you for tuning into the second episode of the Miami History Podcast. The podcast is a collaboration between Historian Dr. Paul S. George and History Blogger Casey Piket. The second episode of the podcast will continue the story of Henry Flagler and his contribution to the founding of the City of Miami. The episode will recap the series of events that led Flagler to begin negotiating for land along the Miami River.

Following the founding and development of the City of Miami, Flagler turned his attention to what many referred to as “Flagler’s Folley”. He was intent on extending his railroad to the City of Key West. From 1905 until 1912, Flagler invested a lot of money and effort to see what he referred to as a lifelong dream. Following the completion of the Oversea Railway, Flagler lived just one more year. He passed away in his home in Palm Beach in 1913.

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