Miami History Podcast: The Brickells (Part 2 of 2)

The fifth episode of the Miami History Podcast continues the story of the Brickell family. Part two discusses the Brickell family’s impact on Miami from the turn of the twentieth century to modern day.

Following the death of Bill Brickell in 1908, Mary Brickell assumed the role as leader of the family business. While she was a tough business woman, she was considerably more tactful than her late husband. During her time managing the family’s real estate affairs, Mary sold tracts of land to Miami pioneers and industrial giants alike.

She began a project near and dear to her heart when she platted and sold lots in The Roads neighborhood. However, prior to the completion of the project, Mary passed away. Her daughter Maude and other surviving family members ensured the project got completed.

While there are no known Brickell descendants in the Miami area today, and while there are no family constructed buildings that remain standing, the family legacy is very enduring. Brickell is as much a brand as it is a family surname. The brand is internationally known and property in the neighborhood is always in high demand. This podcast episode concludes with Dr. Paul George discussing the impact of the Brickell family on the development of Miami after more than one hundred forty-eight years after their arrival to the banks of the Miami River.

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  • Cover: Brickell Family in early 1900s. Courtesy of Florida Memory.