Wynwood’s Little San Juan

The conclusion of World War II marked a time period of hope and change for America. The return of soldiers from fighting in two theaters of war triggered rapid change throughout the country, but particularly in South Florida. That was especially true for the Wynwood neighborhood, located in the heart of the City of Miami.


When the Martinez family relocated to Wynwood in 1945, it began a trend that transformed the neighborhood. Other Puerto Rican families began to identify Wynwood as a place to build a common bond based on similar customs and culture. In this episode of the Miami History Podcast, David Martinez shares his memories of living in Miami during his formative years. This is the story of Little San Juan in the Wynwood neighborhood from 1945 – 1957.

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  • Cover: Martinez Family in Wynwood in 1955. Courtesy of David Martinez.
  • Figure 1: Martinez children in front of home in 1950s. Courtesy of David Martinez.