brickell avenue

Rivera Apartments in 1950s.

Rivera Apartments on Brickell Avenue

On land that was once part of Carl Fisher’s Miami property, there was a beautiful apartment building that stood on the east side of Brickell Avenue between Twelfth Terrace and Thirteenth Street. The property at 1299 Brickell Avenue was built…

Palm Court at 1597 Brickell Avenue

Brickell’s Millionaire Row – Palm Court

William W Wheeler was a self-made man from St. Joseph, Missouri. He represented the possibilities of the Gilded Age. Rising from very humble beginnings, Wheeler worked his way from bookkeeper to president of what was considered the largest mercantile company…

Villa Regina in 1940s

Brickell’s Millionaire Row – Villa Regina

In the first half of the twentieth century, part of Brickell Avenue was referred to as Millionaire’s Row. There were many prominent families who made their home in this part of the avenue. While James Deering’s Vizcaya and William Jennings…