Everglades Hotel

Miami Skyline in 1925

Miami’s Biscayne Boulevard Skyline in 1925

The cover photo was taken from a pier on Biscayne Bay at the end of NE Fourth Street and North Bayshore Drive looking southwest during the peak of the building boom in 1925. Within a year of this photograph, North…

WTVJ Cameraman in 1949

WTVJ Eventful First Year in 1949

When there was a contraption added to the top of the Everglades Hotel in December of 1948, observant Miami residents were left wondering what it represented. The most common speculation was that the mooring for the Goodyear blimp was going…

Compilation of Miami Buildings in 1979

Miami Buildings in 1979

Much has changed in Miami’s downtown skyline since the 1970s. The City of Miami’s Office of Information and Services took a number of photographs during the 1970s to showcase the city. The featured photo was taken in 1979 and is…