Royal Palm Park

Aerial of Expo Building in 1937

Exposition Building in Downtown Miami (1937)

After ten years of economic malaise during the Great Depression, South Florida began to show signs of economic recovery by 1936. Miami Beach saw a construction boom of apartment buildings and hotels which provided accommodations for the working class who…

Wright Brothers Plane Piloted by Howard Gill in 1911

Miami Celebrates 15th Birthday in 1911

At the onset of 1911, the residents of Miami were preparing for a milestone celebration. While this year only marked the fifteenth anniversary of the city’s incorporation, there was a notable sense of excitement and accomplishment among the pioneers of…

Aerial of downtown Miami in 1921

Aerial of Flagler Street in 1921

The aerial photo of downtown Miami in 1921 provides a glimpse of what the area looked like on the eve of the great building boom of the mid-1920s. The photo was taken prior to the construction of most of the…