Perricone’s Restaurant in Brickell

Interior of original location of Perricone's Restaurant

Cover: Interior of original location of Perricone’s Restaurant

For more than twenty-seven years, Perricone’s Restaurant has been a staple in the Brickell neighborhood, originally located at 15 SE Tenth Street from 1996 until 2019, and then from 1700 SW Third Avenue from 2020 until 2024. Steve Perricone sold the property where the original Perricone’s establishment operated a marketplace and restaurant during the Brickell neighborhood’s transformative years.

After moving to the Roads neighborhood in Brickell, and operating the marketplace and restaurant for nearly four years, many were surprised to read the announcement that the establishment would be closing for good on Thursday, May 16, 2024. The announcement conjured up memories of gatherings and meals shared with friends and family in the original rustic structure found on SE Tenth Street.

This video captured the restaurant during the final days of operating from that iconic original location in January of 2019. It was recorded to document and provide one final tour of the historic farmhouse converted into a restaurant. The property that was once Perricone’s Restaurant is now the location of Citizen M hotel. While there may no longer be a trace of the old establishment on that property, Perricone’s will long be fondly remembered by those of us who regularly dined and enjoyed good times in that old barn.

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  • Cover: Interior of original location of Perricone’s Restaurant. Courtesy of Candace West.
  • Figure 1: Exterior of original location of Perricone’s Restaurant at night. Courtesy of the Miami Herald.


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