The purpose of the Miami History Blog is to bring to life stories of Miami’s past. Even prior to the incorporation of the city in the summer of 1896, Miami experienced a very long and interesting history. Evolving from a sub-tropical hammock consisting of piney woods, marsh and mangroves; there is very little trace of the outpost that became a city at the end of the 19th century.

It is the hope of this Blog to capture the stories of the significant people, places and events of Miami’s past. My family arrived in Miami shortly after incorporation in the early part of the 20th century. As I research Miami’s past, I imagine what life was like in early Miami. I hope the stories of the Miami History Blog will help you feel the same way.

This Blog will highlight stories of the people, places and events that were significant to the development of Miami. While most stories will focus on topics occuring in what is now known as Miami-Dade County, stories from surrounding areas and the state will also be offered.

It was once said that “History has a way of producing the people it needs to develop”. The more I research Miami’s past, the more I understand the meaning of that quote. Miami is filled with interesting and colorful people, places and events.

Please feel free to comment on any story and also feel free to share a topic that you would like to see captured as a future topic. I am always open to suggestions for new research projects. Also, you can follow Miami History on Twitter at @miami_history. I will post significant dates in Miami’s history as well happenings pertaining to relevant topics to Miami’s present and past.


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