Carl Fisher Memorial Dedicated in 1941

Carl Fisher Memorial in 2016

Cover: Carl Fisher Memorial in 2016

On April 10, 1941, Miami Beach citizens dedicated the only memorial in America that commemorates the accomplishments of Carl G. Fisher. The memorial features a bronze bust of Fisher, wearing his floppy hat and smiling. The inscription reads: “Carl Graham Fisher – he carved a great city out of a jungle”. The memorial is located at the corner of Alton Road and Lakeview Drive.

Carl Fisher Memorial in 1946

Figure 2: Carl Fisher Memorial in 1946

Fisher passed away in St. Francis Hospital on July 15th, 1939. In addition to being a founding pioneer of Miami Beach, he was responsible for building a number of institutions including the Presto-Lite Corporation, along with partner and fellow Miami Beach pioneer James Allision, which was sold to Union Carbide for $9 million in 1910. He was also a founder and builder of the Indianapolis Speedway, along with being a big contributor to the construction of the Lincoln and Dixie highways.

However, he is most fondly remembered in South Florida for his contribution in building Miami Beach. Just as Henry Flagler is considered the Father of Miami, Carl Fisher is the Father of Miami Beach. If there were going to be only one memorial for Fisher, Miami Beach is a very fitting place for the man that literally carved a resort city out of jungle.

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  • Cover: Carl Fisher Memorial in 2016.
  • Figure 1: Carl Fisher Memorial in 1946. Courtesy of Florida Memory. Photographer, Charles Barron.