Miami History Podcast – Julia Tuttle

The third episode of the Miami History Podcast features the story of Julia Tuttle. She is considered by most the “Mother of Miami”. Although she was unable to cast a vote for the incorporation of the city on July 28. 1896, there was no bigger catalyst for the founding and development of Miami.

Julia was a young woman when she first visited the banks of the Miami River. From the moment that she saw the pristine beauty of the area, she began to envision what it could become. Long before she convinced Henry Flagler to extend his railway and invest in the city, she articulated her dream of the area becoming a “great southern city”.

Although she died only two years after incorporation, she did see the beginning of her vision for Miami. She passed away in September of 1898 and was one of the first interred into the Miami City Cemetery. Please click play to learn more about this fascinating woman.

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Photo of Julia Tuttle courtesy of Florida Memory.