Security Building

Webinar – Historic East First Avenue

This webinar will feature a virtual tour of historic East First Avenue in downtown Miami, which will take the attendee from Fort Dallas Park to Gesus Catholic Church, located on NE Second Street. There will be vintage photographs of Miami…

NE First Avenue in 1920

Meetup: Historic Buildings in Downtown Miami

The meetup on Thursday, October 24th will take place at the historic Security Building in downtown Miami. Today it is the home of We Work and is one many historic downtown buildings that is part of a national historic district for downtown Miami. The meetup will go from 6:00pm – 8:00pm EDT.

Security Building on NE First Avenue

Security Building in Downtown Miami

Since its opening, the Security Building has seen more than its share of change. While the building’s name and tenants have changed many times through the years, its architecture and history remind us of a special time in Miami’s past….