Simpson Scoring Touchdown in 1952

Edison Defeats Miami High on Thanksgiving in 1952

One of the longest standing traditions in Miami on Thanksgiving was the annual Miami High – Edison football games. The ...
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First Baptist Church in 1904

First Baptist Church Service in 1901

On November 24, 1901, the First Baptist Church conducted its first service in their new church on the corner of ...
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Dirty Dozen in 1900

Miami Pioneer Freeman Burdine

When William and Mary Burdine moved their three boys and one daughter to Miami in 1898, they were on the ...
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Intersection of Miami Avenue & Flagler Street in 1920s

Chaille Street Naming Plan in 1920

Prior to the plan submitted by Miami City Councilman Josiah Chaille, the city’s street names followed a pattern of letters ...
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Painting of Attack of Cape Florida Lighthouse in 1836

Cape Florida Lighthouse Attacked in 1836

On January 6, 1836, the Cooley family was attacked by Seminole Indians at the New River in today’s Fort Lauderdale ...
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Rum Bags on Ship During Prohibition.

Seizure of Illegal Contraband in 1927

On July 13, 1927, a Miami News headline reported that a seizure of $250,000 in illegal contraband was poured into ...
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Dedication on July 4, 1976

Bicentennial Park Dedicated in 1976

Following the movement of the Port of Miami to Dodge Island in the mid-1960s, many wondered what would become of ...
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Hotel Martinique in 1922.

Hotel Martinique on May 6, 1919

On the front page of the Miami Metropolis on May 6, 1919, it was announced that C.J. Martin had acquired ...
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Cover: Easter Sunrise Service on April 17, 1927.

Easter Sunrise Service in 1927

South Florida has always offered a unique experience to enjoy Easter. Temperate weather and miles of beachfront have always provided ...
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Implosion of South Shore Hospital on April 16, 2019.

South Shore Hospital Razed in 2019

On April 16, 2019, South Shore Hospital at 630 Alton Road was razed to make room for a new development ...
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