County Causeway Opens in 1920

Aerial view of County Causeway in 1920

Cover: Aerial view of County Causeway in 1920

On February 17, 1920, the new County Causeway connecting Miami to Miami Beach opened. In addition to the Collins wooden bridge, the County Causeway provided a second thoroughfare to get to Miami Beach.

The County Causeway construction began in 1917 over concern of the aging wooden Collins Bridge being the only thoroughfare from the mainland to Miami Beach. The project was halted due to World War I. At the conclusion of the war, construction continued until its completion in 1920.

In 1942, the State Road Board and Dade County Commission voted to rename the road to the MacArthur Causeway in honor of General Douglas MacArthur. The causeway was originally configured as a two lane road, but has gone through several lane and structural expansions since it opened in 1920.

Read more about the history of the County / MacArthur Causeway by clicking on this link.

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  • Cover: Aerial view of County Causeway in 1920. Courtesy of Miami-Dade Public Library, Romer Collection.