Al Capone’s Miami, Paradise or Purgatory?

Al Capone's Miami

Al Capone’s Miami

December 25, 2015

A new book on Al Capone’s time in Miami is available by author Sally J. Ling. Sally has written on a variety of topics on South Florida History including an outstanding book entitled “Run the Rum In”. This book provides great background on South Florida during Prohibition.

In speaking to Sally about her book on Capone in Miami, it promises to offer little known details on Capone’s time in Miami. It also questions whether Capone’s choice of vacation destination was actually more trouble than it was worth.

The Miami-History Blog provides a very good 4 part series on Capone’s time in Miami, however, “Al Capone’s Miami” will provide even more detail and depth on Capone stories while he resided in South Florida. If you are interested in purchasing this book, Sally is offering a coupon code, “56HS5B87”, that is good for a limited time.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all readers of the Miami-History Blog. Thank you and I hope your 2016 be more prosperous and rewarding than any previous year!!

Purchase the book at Sally Ling’s Website (click here)


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