Brickell Point in 1898.

Brickell Avenue History Walk

Once referred to as Southside, the Brickell Neighborhood is one of Miami’s most historic areas. Dating back more than 2000 years, the south bank of the Miami River provided a central location for the Tequesta tribe to establish their settlement….

Brickell Apartments in 1956

Historic Brickell Avenue Tour

This tour will tell the story of the Brickell Avenue corridor from the Miami River to Fourteenth Street. The tour will begin inside the historic Dr. James Jackson surgical center, which is now the office of Dade Heritage Trust. You will learn about Miami’s pioneer physician and how his home and surgical center was moved from downtown Miami to Southside (aka Brickell), in 1916.

La Casa Reposada in 1955.

La Casa Reposada

On the west side of historic South Miami Avenue was a large vacant lot that many locals found very intriguing. The property was part of the Holleman Park subdivision of the Brickell neighborhood. The address was 2100 South Miami Avenue…

Point View in 1920s

Point View Subdivision in Brickell

There was a time when the Brickell neighborhood featured a subdivision so extravagant that locals referred to it as Miami’s Gold Coast. The homes were spacious, beautiful and extravagant. The area was a mix of pioneers who made their riches…