dade county

Booker T Washington High School on February 15, 1930

Booker T Washington School in Overtown

By the peak of the great building boom in 1925, the population growth of Dade County had more doubled since the census of 1920, necessitating the need for a significant number of new schools to serve neighborhoods that became overwhelmed…

Dade County Courthouse under construction in 1926

Dade County Courthouses

The area that became the City of Miami was host to the county courthouse on several occasions before it became the permanent county seat in 1899. Around the time Florida achieved statehood in 1845, the area along the Miami River…

Flagler Street in 1913

Dade County Voted Dry in 1913

On a rainy October day in 1913, the ongoing battle between those who supported the sale and consumption of alcohol, and those who opposed it, was decided by Dade County voters. While voter participation was modest and the margin of…